Northwinds Forestry

Testimonials and Recommendations
From a Landowner in Beltrami County

...“Terry visited and did quite the opposite: he asked me what "I" wanted to be doing, and then provided some alternative pathways to those goals. I found his 'tracks' in places in my woodlands I would not have imagined him to have visited. Not only did he provide some insights into what was there, but also what possibilities those places held - for the forest value, wildlife value, and my own personal values. Even the plum shrubs next to my house caught his attention and interest - and ideas”.

I would recommend a walk and talk with Terry, to any woodland owner whose woodlands hold a special place in their world.”

Kathleen Preece
Private landowner, Beltrami County

From the Manager of Eleven Natural Areas in Illinois and Hubbard County Landowner 

“I was very pleased to see that the plan could be tailored to enhance the physical and ecological character of the site. As well as the values of the landowner. I was afraid that the general approach was going to be toward agri-forestry with resource consumption being the end goal”.

Steven R. Buck, MS
Manager, Research Technologist
Committee on Natural Areas
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

From a Hubbard County Landowner and Retired US Forest Service Employee 

“I have known Terry Schaedig for over ten years. During that time Terry has prepared five Woodland Stewardship Plans for my properties. I have spent numerous hours with Terry during each one of these projects. In addition I have sought his council any number of times concerning various land management and natural resource issues.  

I have been impressed with Terry’s knowledge, sincerity, and interest in the work at hand and his willingness to help. I have always been able to rely upon Terry to suggest a range of options complete with possible outcomes associated with each decision. Terry has an analytical mind and can approach a problem from a number of different angles. He has been most helpful to me.  

I have worked with a number of resource professionals during my career with the Forest Service and since in retirement. In comparison I would rank Terry very high in knowledge, communication ability, and interpersonal relationships”.  


Robert L. Birnstengel